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my friends. I believe this is about to be an absolutely immense week ahead here for Bitcoin. Not only is it looking to tentatively break out of its sideways equilibrium viciously to the upside or to the downside, but we also have the light coin block having events happening here in roughly three days time from now at the time of recording, will this have an effect on the Bitcoin price? And if so, will this effect be positive or negative? Will this be a catalyst for the entire crypto currency market as a whole? What is going on? Ladies and gentlemen, Crypto Kirby here, your crypto currency expert, Back with another edition off the daily Live stream. What is going on? My friends today I would like to discuss Bitcoin and the light coin block. Having event. Will there be a correlation here? We’ve seen light coin has been the front runner of the old coin rally. Is it right now going to have an immense effect not only here on Bitcoin but the rest of the market as well? Also, as a full time trader, I’d like to discuss with you my strategy, my game plan and how I plan to crush this market right now in the immediate term. So without any further ado, you guys already know the deal. If you like these daily crypto videos and nightly live streams smack that thumbs up button, click the subscribe. Take the little bell and let’s get this crypto moon the likes. Ladies and gentlemen, move them up. All right, so we’ll begin with our Bitcoin technical analysis. And, of course, before we begin, this is not investment advice. This’s not trading advice. These are only my own opinions, ideas and speculative hypotheses on the market. Always do your own research in your own due diligence before investing or trading, as this market is extremely high risk. And I am not your financial advisor. I will never tell you what to do with your trades or investments. That being said, let’s begin here on the four hour time frame for Bitcoin. Clearly, if you are subscribed here, you would know on yesterday’s stream, I pointed out how he broke through my resistance level Number one that was my range here, going back all the way to the point three eight two Fibonacci retracement and our level of past historic price resistance and support flips. Bitcoin went through this range and we’ve gotten stopped out for the time being. Right now at my next range of resistance, This box here from ten thousand won fifty all the way up to ten thousand three hundred. So level one was taken out and we are right now riding in this secondary channel. But for me, the whole equilibrium really is this whole range. Ladies and gentleman, we actually should include the top of the box here. So this equilibrium for me is really from ten thousand three hundred all the way down to ninety four hundred for May. Bitcoin right now has a lot of support and resistance all throughout this range. And truthfully, in my opinion, we’re going to need to see some more volume in the market in order to get a definitive break out of this range. As we notice here, you can see that the volume for the market as a whole has been on a steady decline, really since the fifteenth of July. So we’re going on over half a month now, At this time Aah! And really in my opinion, ladies and gentlemen, in order to get us out of this. This trading range here, we’re going to need to see an uptick in the volume. And this is going to need to produce a candle here that’s going to definitively show the market that the bulls are back in action and they’re ready to retake control here. Or we’re going to need to see this be a failure and a rejection to dump us down deep into the crypto abyss. Now, before we start to talk about, like, coin and the possibilities here of what may happen, we need to understand where Bitcoin is that right? So currently, we still are trading underneath my resistance zone here between ten thousand won fifty and ten thousand three hundred. If we look at the size here four hour time frame, we are flirting up in the high region. Ladies and gentlemen, we all right now at a sixty four almost into that overbought territory already, which can be barrish when testing resistance in confluence. If we look at the one hour or a sigh, you can see we’ve already tested up in that overbought territory and we’re still flirting with it here right now. Once again, on the daily. We are seeing higher lows come in right, which is inherently bullish and what you’d want to see. But right now, as it stands, we have not yet made a higher high. So right now I see this squeezing into a potential pennant. We want to see a break to the upside here. Because if we cannot produce a higher high, my friends, this still, in my opinion, would be Barrish for the time being. Let’s get this crypto. But now the real meat and potatoes here, ladies and gentlemen, is this light coin having event right? This is the catalyst that that’s really going to be talked a lot about about over the next several days. Right? And it’s interesting because light coin was a very prominent runner here. We’ll go over to the chart now. Light Coin was a prominent runner here in terms of the old coin market to kick off the boom from the bottom of the bear market. Like coin was thie star of the show, right? It had all the spotlight on it. I mean, light coin went up from roughly twenty two dollars all the way up to roughly one hundred forty. Ladies and gentleman savage, heinous and a borderline ludicrous inverse debacle, If you do, in fact, asked me. And of course, you know, this whole time, you know that we’ve we’ve been really on that parabolic blow off top run there, all the moon boys Kirby like coin. Oh, my like corns, Kirby. Oh, and I do have to agree that light coin has pretty much showing the direction of the market all throughout this run. So with this having event coming up here, I am under the impression that it’s going to have an effect. Now, if you’ve been subscribed to this channel for any amount of time, you all would know by now that Don Don carpaccio does not like to get caught up in the moon. Boy. Garba Geo, Right. Just to put it in perspective right up here, ladies and gentlemen, you know all these moon boys, Kirby, When do you think white corn’s gonna explode? When do I think like coins gonna explode? James, It’s up six hundred percent in just a few months, my friend. It did a six X And you’re asking me when light coins gonna explode? Sheesh! Anyway, these having events per my experience in this market generally lead to a sell off. I’m not saying that this has to happen, but it’s generally a by the rumour sell the news type event where the only ones left buying at this region are generally people that have never experienced a having event before. Even with Bitcoin, historically, there’s usually a sharp sell off after the event. The run up is generally leading to the event, right? And I want to show you this. So you guys know if you are subscribed here, We generally look at the Bitcoin Google trends data. But right now I want to look at light coin, all right, because it’s relevant here. And we’re gonna look at the worldwide data over the past ninety days. I want you all to see here. The peak here was that one hundred on June twelfth. So let’s look att at the June twelfth date. Where was this? And it was right here. This was our first Hi, ladies and gentlemen. Wow! Essentially the absolute tippy top, right? And we see that in the correlation here with the trend data. Now, if we go over to where we currently are at as of July thirtieth, where the thirty seven. So this is, you know, essentially a sixty three percent dropoff, an interest here in the search volume. And we’re only three days away from from having right. So what I want you all to understand here, at least just from my experience, it’s generally a by the room or sell the news type event. And now this is interesting. Because not only do we see that the having event, maybe a selloff event, but this chart does have some Barrish, look to it looks. Is it rather we see We have a potential barrish head and shoulders pattern forming here in the chart. I will remove this, though, as I know the degenerate. So curry head and shoulders, they want to cry to Don Don Carbon. Accio sheesh will take this away. We see we have our Fibonacci retracement pulled up here. We’ve already tested down to the point five bounced. And now we’re getting rejected here at the point three eight two again. Ladies and gentlemen, we all know the Golden Fibonacci is that point six one eight. These bubble pops. Right, if you will. This is certainly a bubble here, ladies and gentlemen, I’m not even gonna argue that that is. This is certainly a bubble when you go from twenty two dollars to one hundred forty over the course of just several months. Okay? Now, if we were to drop back down to that point six one eight, I just want you to see here that this, my friends, is a very healthy level. Okay, this whole red zone here right there is so much confluence here. Old resistance, new support, trading range for months and months. Then ladies and gentlemen over here just the same, right? And then we even consolidated over here. So I really like this for for a zone. That light coin could look to retest if the bubble pop is going to continue. And just so we’re on the same page here is well, where light coin is getting rejected right now. Look at all of the historic price action confluence at this level. Ladies and gentlemen, it is absolutely insane. This white line goes all the way back throughout the bull run in twenty seventeen. Look at all those touches, right? Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. That’s now six touches, ladies and gentlemen on that line. And that is exactly where we’re getting rejected here once again. And that line also coincides perfectly with the point three eight to fib a notch. So for me right now, knowing that light coin has been the front runner of this market knowing that right now the altar coin market as a whole excluding Bitcoin has already dropped down to touch that point six one eight Fibonacci retracement, right and is right now consolidating in this red box here, which, for me is roughly the area that looks like where Bitcoin would be between six thousand and seven thousand, right? It was thie area of stagnation before the capitulation down to three thousand. This is where the old coin market cap is trading right now on that is, you know, roughly right around the point six one eight Fibonacci retracement. So now if we go backto light coin, I just want to point out here that it would not be out of the realm of normalcy here at all. In my opinion, to see light coin dropped down potentially to this point six one eight, which is roughly around sixty nine to seventy dollars. Let’s get this crypto. So if light coin is to drop their let’s take from the current price down to that level, my friends just so we’re all on the same page here, this is roughly a thirty percent drop right. I hope we’re all seeing what’s going on here. So if this is in fact going to be a sell the news event here, where many whales and large bag holders decide toe unload on, you know, the degenerates that are buying in thinking that this adds some type of true value, that everybody and their brother is now going to need light corn, for some reason, right, it’s unfortunate. But I’ve personally never seen immediately that these having events equate to large gains. Generally, the gains are to be had in speculation before the events, and then the smart money sells off before, and that, to me, looks like it’s happened here yet again. And if this market starts to sell off again after the reward’s having excuse me after the bloc reward having you know kicks into action, I definitely see possibility here that this head and shoulders could play out when we do look to test down to that Fibonacci level. Let’s get this crypto. Of course, guys. That’s just my own personal hypothesis and speculation that is not investment advice or trading advice. I’m not your financial advisor. I’ll never tell you what to do with your trades or investments. That’s just my theory. They’re based on the my experience in this market on DH, Not only just my experience with, you know, seeing these have ings. It’s my experience here with the technical analysis, even if this event was not going to occur, the chart’s still looks bearish to me at this point in time. On a micro level. Sure long term that having rewards getting cut in half have been absolutely beautiful for these coins, right? Bitcoin and light coin long, long term, right. We’re talking very long term, but generally in the short term, you know, this is just generally a speculative event that may lead to further sell off. So if we do start to see a sell off here when the block reward is actually slashed in half in roughly three days in sixteen hours from now at the time of recording, this could trigger a market selloff ladies and gentleman purely on Lee. Because this is a large cap coin, right? We can’t discredit this like coin is number four overall at the time of recording in terms of market cap And it has been a front runner for the market, you know, really, From the bottom of the bear market, this has been one of the coins that has led the pack. So for me, you know, if this does begin to sell off here and we do see, you know, I retest that fib roughly thirty percent down from where we’re at now. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see that the Bitcoin chart here does get variously rejected. Right, this is this is something to monitor right on. The fact of the matter is here is that we still have not only this blue blue box here this blue range from ten thousand won fifty to ten thousand three hundred two Breakthrough. But my friends, this entire range up here, in my opinion, is still heavily heavily pressured by the bears. And why is this? Well, until we create a new hire Hai, we are still in a super barrish structure, right? now of lower highs and lower lows. Right? So all the way up to this region can just be a bunch of moon boy hullabaloo, and we get rejected back down without ever creating a new hire Hai, which is textbook classic barrish right s o for me right now. The technicals in this market certainly do appear barrish on a macro level. Although right now, you know, if we do break through the blue boxier Sure, we could have a nice little run up, right? I believe we could run up all the way to this zone and still be bearish, which my friends would be roughly right. Ah, from where we are right now, almost a ten percent move to the upside. So these moon boys that don’t really understand technical analysis or all they want to hear me say is it’s going to the moon. Ladies and gentlemen, hop on that train. It’s the parabolic express. This is not what you’re going to get from me here on a daily basis because I’m looking at this market like a realist, has somebody that’s ready to crush it and get this crypto. I believe ladies, Joan, that the market is about to get absolutely volatile here with this block having event coming up. And right now I am personally looking to crush the market like a two tonne man on a tuna fish can. I’m monitoring these charts. Twenty four seven. I’m watching for the breakout here. I’m watching to see how light coin responds. Is this going to be an area where I look to go long? Or am I going to stack shorts in this region and look to play potentially to the downside? Either way, I’m going to be keeping you all updated in V i p right now. Oh, I keep you updated with my trades. My entries, my exits, my targets, my strategies all in real time to the exact second. I can on ly be here on YouTube once per day. But in v i p on posting around the clock twenty four seven. So I will see you in V i p right now shout out to my VIPs and shout out to all my new future VIPs. Joining V i p Right now, after this video, I will see you in V i p Right now let’s get this crypto many will get wrecked here. Ladies and gentlemen, if I could only tell you how many people in box me, you know? What do you think about the light corn having Kirby don’t like corn having you, Khun, tell that these people have never, you know, lived through a having before, right? They’ve never experienced it. They’re under the impression that this is really adding some type of value in the immediate term to this, right? Sure, I guess you can say that it does. But my friends, my experience in this market is that it’s all speculation, right? You have to understand that when we look at these coins here, in my opinion, almost each and every one of them is pure hot air speculation. Garba Geo, right? Nothing wrong with the projects, right? I love crypto. I love you know, the Blockchain space. But the thing is, most of them have no riel world use case. No one’s actually transacting with them in terms of e commerce, right? Most of the block chains here are have very little use. And the thing is, my friends is that you know, you think average Joe thinks that the light corn having here is going to change the world. I personally don’t. And I know from from past experience that it’s never really worked out in the short term that well. So for me, seeing that light coin has already, you know, dropped essentially, let’s see, let’s let’s take a price range tool. Seeing that light coin has dropped already at its at its local low there, roughly forty seven percent from its high. I think that’s smart money already, you know, dumped. They’re they’re bag on the heads of the dumb money, right? It’s just it’s classic, ladies and gentleman onto me right now. If light coin does have an immense sell off after this event, right, and I’m talking a well, right, like not like average Joe and James at the water cooler cell like five bit corns, their life savings of six bit corn’s right. I’m talking about a well that comes in here and produces, like, a massive candle down. I do think that this could affect Bitcoin right, as the market as a whole may respond to this irrationally. So we’re gonna have to wait and see either way. Just don’t be getting caught like a deer in the headlights. Here, ladies and gentleman, be smart with your trades. Be smart. Ah, with what you’re doing here, have a plan. Be ready to execute upon that plan. Right now, I’m posting my plans for my VIPs as I formulate them in real time. I’m going to be trading this for whole range here very aggressively. Once I see what the equilibrium is showing me at this point in time, we’re still stuck in phase one of the equilibrium here. Ah, and I’d like to see us enter phase two here. But my friends, until confirmations come in. Don, Don Carbon Accio is waiting here in the shadows, getting ready to strike like a cobra out of the grass and get this crypto. So, ladies and gentlemen, if you’ve been getting wrecked, if you’ve been missing these potentially life changing trading opportunities, what are you doing? Today’s the day. It’s time to transform yourself from average Joe into Savage Joe, let’s get this crypto. I’m going to be posting my trades for you in V I P Right here. Right now. Every strategy of mine I’m posting for you in real time in V i. P. So I will see you in V I. P right after this video. Ladies, gentlemen, shout out to my V i p s and shout out to all my new future VIPs. Joining V I. P Right now, after this video, I will see you in Viper. Right now, let’s get this crypto. Tell me what you think, lady and gentleman, leave a comment what you think about these These block having events personally. You know, I think that the value has already been there, but that’s not investment advice or trading advice. You speculate, however you’d like two. I’m just stating my opinion that I believe we’ve We’ve already potentially scene where the smart money exited and we still have some of the degenerate for lack of a better term nubes that are holding on to bags here, thinking that there’s magically going to just be some influx ofthe capital that moons this thing When the when the countdown runs out on personally, ladies and gentleman, I am speculating to the opposite end of that mentality as I believe that it could potentially be the catalyst here to get rejected and retest our golden Fibonacci retracement point six one eight roughly around seventy dollars USD or anywhere in this red box from me. Here, let’s get this crypto guys, You’re open to your own interpretation. Right now. I’m getting ready to strike like a cobra out of the grass and take aggressive trading positions here off which I will be keeping you updated with in V I p. In absolute real time, I’m getting ready to crush the market or you do not be getting wrecked here. Ladies and gentlemen, do not be taken that trip to wreck city with average Joe and dreams at the water cooler. You’re better than that. You deserve better than that. Today is the day it’s time to transform yourself from average Joe into Savage Joe, Let’s get this crypto. So I will see wall in V i. P right now, shout out to my VIPs and shout out to all of my new future VIPs joining Viper right now, After this video, I will see you in V i. P Right now let’s get this crypto. So, guys, if you could one last time moon up the likes, moon him up, smashed those thumbs, click the subscribe button, take the little bell and Let’s get this crypto. Let me know what you think down below. Is this having going to have a positive effect on Bitcoin or a negative one or no effect at all? Or I’d also like to hear your thoughts on what it’s going to do for light coin. We all know it’s been a front runner. As I’ve already shown you on the total crypto market cap chart. We are currently trading in my range here, which is around where Bitcoin was at six thousand to seven thousand before the capitulation down to three K. Ah, and I think that it could be possible that Bitcoin and like coin look to get back to this base level here as well on. Maybe, just maybe, this event will be the catalyst to make that happen. We’ll have to see either way, I’m getting ready to crush it with aggressive trades and I will be keeping you updated with all of my trades here in real time in V i p. So I will see you all in V I. P right now shout out to all of my new future VIPs joining Viper right now. After this video, I will see you in V I. P Right now let’s get this crypto. And until next time, my friends, the dawn has spoken. Be safe. Be happy. Be healthy. It’s your boy, Crypto Kirby. Peace and love, my friends curbs.

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