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what is up? Good people. Jungle in care. Hope you had a great day. You know, it's time to get down to brass tacks. Get back to the matter at hand, which is watching this revolution unfold in front of our eyes.

And it is game time. I am telling you, during those couple days that I wasn't covering X r p and the goings on man, so much stuff went down and I don't think anything was bigger than an announcement. That money Graham was live on X rapid making payments. And I'm not gonna cover this in detail because the best thing I can do is point you to the latest Sam. I am video.

And when I was watching this video from him, man, the hair on the back of my neck was standing on end and it becomes clear this is much more than just a strategic partnership. This is all weapon off. Mass destruction of punch holes in the current financial industry didn't just change the game, and that's exactly what they're gonna do here. This is one of those moments in times that's separate the men from the boys kings from peasants legends from forgot names in history. They have to get this right.

It's not as easy as flipping the switch. They gotta build this system up, ramp it up, and in the MoneyGram earnings call they're talking about, they don't expect to see it make a big affecting quarter three. But get ready quarter for this system. Should be ready to go. And it's so important.

Not that they're in a hurry. Not that tomorrow we get all these payments running directs rapid. But just that everything is rolled out correctly. All the pressure in the world is on them. We know the results of this partnership with Ex Rapid.

It's gonna be disclosed to the public. They're working with a public company that every quarter is going to say This is what we're doing. And this is our financial, you know, situation. All will be displayed for everyone here shortly. But I sleep well at night.

I am cool as a cucumber because I know David Schwartz, Chris Larson, Brad Garlinghouse. They were born to make this happen. This is their moment in history, and they make movies about Steve Jobs, the computer revolution of the past. It's gonna be the same thing here and you're gonna have to explain to your children your grandchildren, how you couldn't see this layup that lays before us. It doesn't get any clearer from the moment that's a Toshi launched Bitcoin digital assets have been relegated the hobbyist to criminals to small time operations.

An ex Rp is the first digital asset that is being used by a publicly traded company to complete a real task for real customers. Try to explain to someone ten years from now why you were worried that your ex RP dropped from thirty five cents to thirty cents. Why, that meant anything to you. When we are on the e, we are on the cusp of shaking the ground beneath us where everyone will know x r p reign supreme Now, much like MoneyGram S p I is life, they've launched the service. We haven't seen much of an effect on the price of digital assets.

But make no mistake, this is a huge moment in history and it's not just for x r p. We know x r p plays a central role in their plans. As they expanded in this new frontier, they have all sorts of partnerships with Ripple in our three, an ex Rp is their centrepiece. But on this exchange they also got Bitcoin, ethereum and overt time. You could be assured they're gonna expand their book of digital assets that they offered to their clients for investment reasons.

Just like MoneyGram, it's important that they launched this exchange with no problems. They can always ramp up. It's not a race to get to the finish line. You just have to make sure that you don't have any setbacks. Any catastrophic failures were playing the long game here, and it's not that long.

S P I is the first bank backed crypto currency exchange, but it's not going to be the last. We know how this works. When one bank rolls out a product and start showing profits start showing revenues, others are going to follow suit. That's just the way this business works. This brings legitimacy to the asset class.

This is gonna bring new money, new customers, new interest. This is huge, and it does take a little bit of time again to launch a service, get it up to scale. But we are making serious progress looking all the things that we thought would happen was foreign extracted going live, you know, serious customers. Eventually using the service to sent you no significant amounts of payments we thought FBI would launch and other, you know, serious players are going to move in and digital assets governments are gonna be rolling out regulatory clarity. And it's all happening we are seeing every day we're making progress towards all of these different goals.

All these different things we've been looking at that we've been saying are gonna happen now they may not have went along. Our timeline, the exact sequence that we thought it would happen. It's taken a little bit longer, but it is happening. You are one of the elites in the world today that really understands what's going on. Most people have no clue what they're looking at.

Stop worrying about the price so much At the end of the day, that's all we care about. But we're trying to see huge and explosive growth in news or hype isn't gonna get us there. Who cares how the market reacts? The news? It's the fact that that news develops into something very rial that can't be denied when those payments are running through X rap, and you're not gonna be able to deny that. When s P I, you know, really scales up and we see a lot of new, you know, heavy hitters investing in digital assets, informed investors that are used to looking at metrics and measuring things and taking a motion out of the equation. Where do you think those dollar bills or those yens are going to hit? They're going to hit the mark.

They're going to hit the X R P. Now we are expecting this coming week the Federal Reserve to make an announcement. And again, we know they have the faster payments taskforce. They're examining possibly rolling out their own payment rails to speed up these payments. There's a big push, and it's not by accident.

You see a lot of the big players pushing for real time payments, and all of sudden politicians have the same talking points, and so they're really pushing for the transfer of value at real time. And so next week, the Federal Reserve is supposed to announce some sort of intention in that regard. Now, a lot of people I know are thinking, and I respect their opinion very much that the Fed is going to announce they're going to start developing those payment rails, and we know they've been working with Ripple. We know there's a requirement for real time payments, and personally, I don't know any other way to make that happen. Other than the solutions that ripple provides.

If you have another solution to send real time settling cross border payments other than the technology ripple hands, let me know because I want to invest in those companies or those digital assets. But to my knowledge, they don't exist Now. The last couple of weeks, I've been reading a lot of banking publications, no outside the scope of digital assets. Just try to assess what we can expect from the Federal Reserve here. And most of the things I've been reading, it seems like they are expecting on delay.

The Fed did not announce that they are going to build those payment rails, but also not to rule it out. Now with the strong push that's been, you know, building up the last couple weeks. I wouldn't be surprised if the Fed did say, Hey, we're gonna build these rails were gonna make these payments in real time. It wouldn't shock me, but it's not what I'm expecting. I believe the Fed wants the private sector to build these payment rails.

I think they're using the faster payments. Task Force is a threat. Basically the telling You better make these payments in real time or we're gonna do it. And that would be a big blow because again, the Fed doesn't have to make a profit. They could just recoup their operating costs and their cost to build this system up so it would be impossible really, to compete with them because they could send payments at cost plus just a little bit more to recoup their costs.

So that is not a situation that the private sector really wants to run into. And I don't think the Fed wants to spend the effort or the money to build these rails. Why do it yourself when you can force someone else to do it? So I expect personally a delay to be announced now it doesn't matter which way it goes. The reason that ice tell you this is because I know a lot of people are waiting for the Fed announced. They're gonna do it and I don't want you to feel like this means we're delayed in any way.

It actually may lead Toa quicker adoption again. The existing infrastructure can incorporate all the tools that Ripple has at their disposal. Ex rapid ex current XVII and who knows what else they've been working on. I think they could get the current system up to speed faster than the Fed could build their own. That's just my opinion.

That's what I expect to see. I guess we will find out soon enough. But know this. This is a demand by the people with money, your major companies. Facebook's Amazon's Googles.

You know, your titans of industry, Chevron, Exxon, you know, major oil. You know, conglomerates and also governments themselves. They have a huge cash handling cost. We now have the ability to bring those fees down to speed up those payments. And I think this partnership with MoneyGram really changed the game because before it was just an idea on a piece of paper and then you could argue, Well, yeah, it works for setting a couple pesos through exotic corridors, but that's not gonna be the case any longer.

By quarter, for we are expecting some significant volume out of money. Who? Him? There's not gonna be any more argument. This is gonna be the model for the future payment systems of the world. You're not gonna be ableto push this off that much longer, Let me know. Down below.

Put your opinion on record is the Fed can announce they are building. You know, these new payment rails? Are they gonna delay it? Or they're gonna outright scrapped the project with the faster payments task force And, as always, please, like please subscribe. The Revolution will be televised right here on Jungle Inc..

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