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Hello, everybody. Welcome back for another video. Hope you’re doing well and that you’re all having a great day to start things off. Money tap a mobile application using the R C Cloud two point oh, which implements ex current will indeed incorporate x r p when facilitating global payments. This is according to the latest S B I group Financial report. Uniquely, the mobile APP has been at the fore fore FBI Holdings, a leading financial services company based in Tokyo. Notably, Money TAP allows its users to make instant domestic payments easing transaction settlement. A user on ly requires a bank account or code, or a phone number, too. Send payment, according to Yoshitaka Cattle, who is the CEO of S B I, he said. And I do quote. We have twenty five participating banks. We are and eight r a p I platform connected with Ripple. We want money tap to accommodate international remained. So we created a mechanism and it may contribute to x r. P being used on X rapid end Quote, though. Here’s the actual tweet right here and little video of the guy actually talking about it with the quote. This is Yoshitaka hotel right here Who is the CEO of FBI Bank? Once again, The weirdest part about all of this. And I mentioned this before and ah, conspiracy question marks floating around. This is probably, I think, the actual Onley website that I found talking about this and I’m noticing a very quick pattern developing over the last couple of months where I thought we were actually getting an enormous amount less of ripple slash ex rp slash ex rapid news. But it’s just that other websites aren’t reporting at all. I’ve noticed the same exact thing with a couple of other coins. Ah, coins. And you already know that I don’t care about. I noticed a lack of news from them and most websites, typically or specifically, usually only focus on Bitcoin and ether and nothing else. Ah, says it over here happened a couple of weeks ago. At this point, says ripples, Money tap counts seven new bank participants for the payment platform. This one also says it right here. Money tap to connect sixty Japanese banks with ripple. If I’m not mistaken, I believe that the entire money tap app is going to AA was eighty percent. Yeah, there we go. Money tapa, supported by a consortium of banks led by FBI Ripple Asia to point out the consortium is made of over sixty banks that account for roughly eighty percent of all banking assets in Japan. I find that a little weird. That Ripple would have Barnard created, Founded got in a partnership that is pretty much essentially them working with eighty percent of all the banks in Japan. We have proper confirmation, which has been one of the major criticisms of Ripple Slash ex Rp is that it’s not being used. And when you find out that is going to be used by over eighty percent of all banks in Japan, then it’s not spoken about. I find that incredibly odd. I was going to say I have my own feelings as to why I think they don’t release the news. It’s simply because the the Ripple Team they’re not as, ah fiendish or evil or whatever the word might be as other Bitcoin maximalist or whatever the actual case might be. A lot of people were asking before, if I’m a Bitcoin maximalist, I’m a Bitcoin sympathiser. I understand the need for Bitcoin and the why we have Bitcoin and why Bitcoin can be very useful. But I do also think that there is still space brother coins out there and this is why I tell people to try and focus on the ones that get the most news that have the most attention the ones that are being spoken about and being integrated into other financial systems. And this is why I also was especially last year, exceptionally bullish on the Ripple team and ex Rp because we had news from Ripple that they had partnered also with. I think almost every single bank in India. The point to be made is without rambling on much further. We now have confirmation that the APP money tap which is already being used around the world, not even just in Japan is going to be utilising ex Rp because X currents can also implement x r p on top of it as well. This was also one of the main things that people kept on saying Well is using ex current and I hear nothing about ex Rp is because you probably haven’t done any research and you don’t realise that the integration or rather the update of Ex current to four point oh allows the actual usage of X R P on top of it as well. But now they’ve also explicitly said, going to be using X rapid and X r p on money tap, which in itself is insane. Can you imagine if we had indications or some type of news? There was a company, or rather, even more so because S p I is a bank and the rest of the consortium lies under SB. I imagine if we had news that Bank of America and a couple of other banks in America even even imagine if eighty percent of all banks in America were starting to use a an app on people’s phones to be able to send value back and forth. And we had news that it was exclusively going to be using ether or that it was going to be using Tron or that it was going to be using light coin. People would have completely lost their minds, and I have a strange feeling as well that that news would have Definitely I made it very rapidly around the world, and people would have been champing, you know, gloating and stuff like that, talking about how amazing their coin is, It’s very odd. I think I mentioned is one time last year. But I’ll just reiterate it just in case anybody missed it. It just because you don’t like Ripple and or X R P and don’t care for what they do or whatever the case might be there going to be and continue to be, at the moment, a very successful company. They’ve partnered with hundreds of banks around the world, and I’m certain I’m certain certain there’s so many non disclosure agreements that we aren’t even a part of that we won’t know about for maybe even a couple of years, Brother Cos Thanks institutions who are going to be using X r P. I find the negative sentiment not even a bit childish. It’s incredibly childish. Ah, but the fact that there are news platforms who make sure that they don’t release this news so that other people don’t know about it it’s a little annoying. The point being One of the major things that we’ve been talking about for a very long time has been the money, tap tap and its utilisation of ex current. Now we know that it’s going to be using X rapid and therefore x r p the crypto currency. And I remember before now that I’m thinking about it. Last year, when we first had news that money Tap was going to be using Ripple Net and all this other stuff, I think they sent hundreds of billions of dollars back and forth between all these banks that happened. You know, the interconnected Web that’s going to be using it. And also we also have had indications before that the actual FBI bank said that they planned on sending remittances and stuff like that between themselves across borders and stuff like that. Also using X r p Um, no, I still personally feel like X R P is incredibly undervalued. This is also just my opinion. Say what you want. Ah, but there has. The Ripple team has done more than any. Can you imagine if the people from light coin we’re doing as much as the people from Ripple? Like I said, my opinion, there’s a huge difference between selling cufflinks and trying to get a poster of yourself behind people punching each other in a ring as opposed to partnering with two hundred fifty banks and having eighty percent of all banks within Japan, using your crypto currency and partnering with almost every single bank in India. Anyway, this is incredible news. Ah, golf clap for everyone who has X r P r is in the extra p community. I know the price can be a bit depressing, both looking at it and also because the price also is depressed itself and the price keeps going down. Just pay attention to the actual fundamentals, what they’re doing, all the new partnerships that they have, never, ever forget that the people who are sitting on their ah member of boards board members ah are incredibly influential. People who actually make all of these things happen to make sure the next RV is also going to be implemented. And without further ado, let’s move on. Also, in incredibly weird news, Ledger X has deleted a tweet of the report on Coindesk, announcing that the company has launched the first physically settled Bitcoin futures contracts in the United States. Those of you who need a little bit of a backdrop, there’s a company called Ledger Ex who announced that a couple of days last year before the people from back. That is the New York Stock Exchange that they had actually put in their application to be able to be approved for Bitcoin futures, and they were normal bit confusions. Used were physically settled Bitcoin futures. So a couple of people asking in the comment section below How can you physically deliver Bitcoin? It means the actual Bitcoin itself is being sent back and forth, like between me and you that would be physically delivering. They have to find a word that, you know, that goes with the normal jargon of the traditional financial market. So it’s not like people actually extracting Bitcoin. Throwing it at one another and then shoving it back into the computer is the actual movement of Bitcoin between persons as it’s happening, because before was actually happening in Fiat in cash cheques, money orders, direct deposits. Who knows, however they’re doing it. Ah, the point is, is that the people from Ledger X had announced that they were launching their physical Bitcoin future contracts and everyone was like, Wow, they actually ended up beating. The New York Stock Exchange even announced that they were launching it, it was going to happen. And then apparently all of that got backtracked yesterday. In a statement received by Coindesk on Thursday, the US come out of these futures Trading commission. CFTC says that Ledger X has actually not yet been approved by the commission to offer physically settled bit con futures, contradicting the company’s claims to make it even weirder. If you go to the U. S. Commodities Futures Trading Commission website, there’s something on the twenty fifth of June that says CFTC approves Ledger Ex LLC as a designated contract market. We had this news as well. This was going to show you the whole sequence of events, it says. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission announced today that it has approved the application of the ledger. X L L c Ledger X for designation as a contract market. Ledger X is a Delaware Limited liability company located in New York City and a wholly owned subsidiary of Ledger Holdings. Letter X has been registered with the CFTC as a swap execution facility and derivatives clearing organisation D C. O since July two thousand seventeen, effective the twenty fourth of June two thousand nineteen. Letter X is also registered as a designated contract market. DCM under Section five of the Commodities Exchange Act, CIA and Part thirty eight of the CFTC is regulation with registration as a DCM Ledger X will be required to demonstrate continued compliance with all applicable provisions of the CEO and CFTC regulations, including Part thirty eight. This was the news that we had alongside. I think it was this as well. Other news that we had had information from not only the CFTC but the people from ledger exit. They had been approved by the CFTC to be able to deliver physical Bitcoin Future just was very big. Everyone was like, Oh my gosh, I can’t believe that they actually did it because the idea was that’s the New York Stock Exchange would have What’s the word when, like you are last in the line, but you still get pushed up to the front camera on the word of the exact moment. Ah, but this is People were like Okay, well, that’s kind of cool. That ledger ex actually ended up beating out the New York Stock Exchange. Here’s another one right here, says Ledger. Ex win the CFTC approval to offer physically settled Bitcoin futures, and I’m gonna tell you exactly how I feel about all of this in a couple of seconds. This one right here from yesterday says in a statement received by Coin yesterday. This you have to see so and so has not been approved. Incredibly odd, because the CFTC new for a while it’s been, was that twenty fifth of June, when all of that information came out. That’s a good thirty five six thirty seven thirty eight days that the CFTC knew that the people from Ledger X had believed that they had been approved by the CFTC to deliver physical Bitcoin futures. Because this news was everywhere and outta me in some places, I mean completely all over the place. What ended up happening was also apparently, says Ledger Express representative Ryan Gorman told coined, as he will no longer be representing the company as of Thursday over concerns about the events of the last twenty four hours. I feel like this was orchestrated. These are all my opinions. This is how I feel. This is how my brain is working at this very moment, from the information that we have been afforded the information that we have in front of us. The CFTC knew explicitly that the people from Ledger X believed that they had been approved for physical Bitcoin futures. I don’t have the videos here. For those of you who were here when we were talking about that, there were at least three videos that popped up. I think they were like, What’s it called? Like meetings, not performances like the white cannot remember this word where people are sitting on stage and they talk about something that has happened to the recently They go? Yeah, we’ve actually been so And so was he. Yeah, this has happened. So So we’re we’re finally working with blah, blah, blah. You know what I mean? Those little conferences, people from ledger acts were sitting on stage, and I think it was her. This might have even been it where they were talking about. Yeah, we received approval. Blah, blah, blah in the past. Whenever any company institution organisation has come forward and said, Yeah, we received approval from the SEC. We’re working with the SEC. We have approval from the CFTC. We have blah, blah, blah. We’ve submitted our paperwork with the CFTC. The CFTC or the S E C. Has come forward rapidly and said, Nope, that’s not what happened. We’re not working with them. They don’t have the paperwork that don’t have approval. They never came to us. We have never spoken to them. The list goes on and on over the fact that the last month and some change the people from Ledger X word told or believe that they had. Actually, there’s no one in their right mind. You understand how the level of audacity you would have to have as a company to think that you can physically launch Bitcoin futures against the will of the CFTC if you understand what I’m saying no one in their right mind because every single other company thus far who has tried to do something without the approval of the CFTC or the SEC has one point six million dollar fines, five million dollar fines, fifteen million dollar fines. No one’s dumb enough to try and launch something on their own. I think that people from Ledger ex probably had I don’t even want to say the word approval. They had something they had something in writing or someone contacted them and told them, Yeah, you have approval because there’s no way on two sides. There’s no way that a a company as big as Ledger X would do something to tarnish their reputation, to say something out loud that they’re going to be launching something and then and then do it and then go away. No, sorry. Yeah, lies. We couldn’t do it. I don’t think they’re that dumb. And on the other side, the CFTC for very long time and the SEC you’ve been paying attention have made sure to stomp out anyone who believed that they had, ah, bit more leeway or had an inch more than they actually did and shut them down completely, extremely fast. I feel like something weird is happening behind here. I don’t know who to blame. I don’t know who to so and so but my money, Like I said, my own opinion is pointing towards the CFTC. I felt for a very long time between the CFTC and the SEC that something very my opinion and I want to use the word shady is definitely happening. There have been far too many rejections from the CFTC and the SEC for companies who are trying to get a ah bit further within the Cryptocurrency space. And I don’t think for a second that a company who’s tryingto stay around for the next twenty years Ledger X or anyone else otherwise is stupid enough to try or even announce that they have approval from the CFTC. Go about launching physical Bitcoin futures, having to retracted the physical Bitcoin futures and the CFTC simply not knowing about this one would assume I rather I’ll put it to you this way. If I had a major company and I had received approval from or had been told that I had received approval from the CFTC toe launch to be the first company in the United States to launch physically settled Bitcoin futures, I would have called back at least seventeen times and been like, Are you sure? You sure? All right, I’m gonna call you back tomorrow. All right? All right. Love you. Bye. And hang up. I would have called them every single day. I feel like something’s very odd and wouldn’t even know what’s even crazier as all of this was taking place. Bitcoin futures platform backed is gearing up to launch soon. The head of the parent firm, said on Thursday, although he did not set a timeline. Intercontinental Exchange or ICE CEO Jeffrey Presha, speaking during a quarterly earnings call, said Backed is working to develop a regulated ecosystem that serves evolving needs of participants around the world. He says, subject to regulatory approval, we plan to launch our physically settled Bitcoin futures in the very near future. SPRECHEN did not provide a specific timeline. Can you guess who backed is also working with two also receive approval for their physically settled Bitcoin futures. You got it. It’s the CFTC. I think that is incredibly odd. That’s at the same exact time where the people from the Ledger Exide we’re pretty much told on the day of them launching their Bitcoin futures. No, you can’t do it that the people from the New York Stock Exchange and Baxter were also like, Yeah, we’re gonna launch ours very, very soon. Something’s going on behind the scenes. I think it has to do with money. I It’s not that I feel bad for the people from Ledger X, but this is definitely something that is going to tarnish them. Wouldn’t even shouldn’t. You have to think logically at this. That’s such a weird position to put yourself in. That’s like Imagine knowing that you’ll get in trouble by the SEC for releasing a crypto currency that you’re trying to push out to the world. And then you still do it, even though, you know the SEC hasn’t told you too. Like I feel like something very odd is I don’t know. Anyway, I think this is actually the other one right here. Yeah. Have have the wrong positioning. Ah, what we’ve heard before from the people from the New York Stock Exchange is that backed Is planning on launching in quarter three. So is the plan pending New York Financial Department approval, I feel like once again, my opinion between New York regulators, the CFTC and the SEC. This is garbage. I can’t I can’t think of a nicer word. They’re doing everything in their power to make sure that this movement, the crypto currency, space, the crypto currency, anything he just doesn’t move forward. Remember the news that we had a couple of months ago? I I broke it down like an actual timeline of how long it takes for the CFTC. The SEC and the I think the i. D. F a. The New York Department of Financial Authorities. Some like that. How long it takes for them to actually do stuff. It takes anywhere from like four to six years. From the moment that someone says we want to do something to them actually being like, Okay, we’re going to start paperwork And then it was like sixty months. It’s It’s It’s incredibly odd how long that this actually ends up taking the fact that it even takes a GN organisation as big as the New York Stock Exchange. Eyes. What is it? It’s over a year now to get paperwork is incredibly weird. I Mmm. I firmly believe that this is a lot of stuff like this is going to take place. For those of you who don’t know, I I am considered what is called a futurist. I believe in future technologies, and that technology is going to continue to advance from where it is now even further and is going to be a major part of our life. If you don’t know what I’m talking about. Look at the phone you have in your hand Now, compared to the phone you had in your hand in two thousand nine and then go back to even in nineteen, ninety nine counties saying it that way. Technology will continue to advance a lot of these things that we have right now. These financial institutions, these financial departments, banks, the organisations, the institutions, the attorneys, the lawyers, the accountant’s. A lot of this stuff is going to go away. Sorry to tell you, Ah, lot of this stuff can already be automated. And I was once again listening to a podcast, and they were talking about how, within the next fifteen years how things a different things are going to be as faras, even just automation, self driving, everything bank tellers disappearing and also accountants and all of these financial department. Because you can pretty much all of these things. And all these financial departments no are on the books. It says it somewhere. What happens when you write all of that into a computer? The computer can get you that information about eight point five seconds, if not quicker. So if you’re an organisation or company saying, Hey, we’re looking to do ABC X Y zed. Can this happen? You click enter on the computer. The committee goes yet, as long as you would meet this criteria. When you go, we have that we have that we have that we have that we have. You keep ticking all the boxes and go. Okay, send us the documents. You scan the documents. It’s a computer. So it knows in about three seconds at all of the documents are correct because it also is using a I. And you get your approval the same day, maybe even the same week if the computer decides to take a little vacation by itself. None of this should be taking this long. I feel like it’s all coordinated. There’s no way that all of this is in coordinated. It takes this long. It doesn’t take a year for the New York Stock Exchange to receive documents saying that they can launch futures, which they already have, and it with something as simple as Bitcoin, especially because the people from back have told us before that they have a custodian to be able to hold their big home. Which was also another problem that people from the D. C F T. C had I don’t know the people from the CFTC. I’m not sure of that. I don’t want to say their age. I don’t think age is applicable in situation like this, but their their knowledge of current technology. I’ll put it to you that way. It’s very odd. I think it’s a little weird. I think the way that this was all set up and I mentioned it before is that the New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq and Fidelity would get priority is the word that they would get priority in this space. And so I was very shocked when Ledger Ex got the approval first before the New York Stock Exchange. To what I assume is going to happen now is that the people from Ledger ex are gonna have to go back crawling to the CFTC. Go. What happened, eh? You know what’s going on? You guys told us Yes. Fact is goingto launch first sometime in quarter three. Quarter three is now. Ah, the end of quarter three is I believe September, I assume back is going to launch first. The New York Stock Exchange will launch on the same exact time. Fidelity is also gonna launch a little thing. Maybe TD Ameritrade in a couple of other major names, and I think the rest of the crumbs will be left for the ledger. X. What was the other one like the Quadri, a X, some other company who also applied for it. And that’s when the CBO, we and the blah, blah, blah and all the other ones will also start getting their documents as well in order. This shit is how I felt from the very beginning. It’s it’s clear that this is all, obviously, obviously, obviously, obviously, obviously it’s clear that this is all just about money. It is also about my best friend’s money. I’m making sure that my best friend stays rich and gets richer than other people before I give ah, pennies and cents to any other people who may be walking behind them. Very odd. Very weird. Ah, I assume within the next week or so we’ll probably get more information on exactly what’s happening with all of this. If back to Goetz delayed again, it’s very odd. None of this should be happening. I was talking with a friend and he was saying that he assumes that was happening. Happening is that we’re in a heavy accumulation phase. This was actually spoken about at the beginning of this year. There were a number of analysts who said, even as Bitcoin was around three thousand two hundred thousand four hundred, that there was an accumulation phase happening behind the scenes that people weren’t paying attention. Normal people, I’II people, people who watch crypto currency prices on the news and stuff like that who aren’t really into the crypto currency space don’t understand what’s happening and don’t really understand the actual effect that this is going to have on the world. I spoke with a friend. I know he doesn’t listen to my video. Bless his heart. He thought that Bitcoin was dead, that the whole crypto currency space was done and I couldn’t breathe in the air to release the words to tell him that this is going to take over the world of this new financial system that’s being built is not disappearing anytime soon, and that Bitcoin is probably going to where the large be worth a large amount of money in the relatively near future was probably happening is that we have a number of companies openly saying that they’re buying up huge amounts of Bitcoin over the counter individuals also saying it. There are other prominent people in the crypto currency space who announced that they spend millions per month buying up cryptocurrencies through APS. Other ways they can simply figure out howto actually gain more. Bitcoin. It’s a lot of stuff is happening anyway. I’m rambling on too much thie. Point is, there’s something, um, Ms in the crypto currency space. Try to keep your head on. I’m glad that there wasn’t a really big negative reaction against the people from Ledger X not launching. But I think there will be or would be, if the people from back didn’t end up launching in Quarter three is taken far too long. They should have launched already. But without further ado, let’s move on the kind of finish things off. Major Crypto Wallet and Blockchain data provider, known as Blockchain dot com, has launched its own crypto change to compete with popular platforms such as by Nance named The Pit. A new crypto exchange was reportedly set up by former executives from the New York Stock Exchange, TD Ameritrade, Google and Goldman Sachs, all the richest people in the world This was reported by CNBC. According to the announcement, the pit will be about, um a label will be available and more than two hundred countries initially supporting twenty six trading pairs. Customers will be reportedly able to link their bank account with an account at Blockchain dot com and trade crypto against three major Fiat currencies, including U. S dollar, the euro and the British pound. Sterling Peter Smith, CEO of Blockchain dot com, says the pit can execute orders in a matter of microseconds, which enables it to complete with major complete sorry compete with major crypto exchanges, including finance and coin based. Smith elaborated that the new exchanges matching engine Mercury ten process bio sell orders in forty to fifty microseconds. I wonder if they have an actual don’t see an actual launch date for this note that CIA launched A. I assume it’s in the works, and I assume that they will try to release this sometime this year. For those who have no idea why it’s called the pit the actual what’s it called the trading area in the in the old stock exchanges like, you know, like when all those men were like flagging each other and hitting each other and face, like trying to buy, buy, buy, sell, sell. So that used to be called the Pit. So I assume, as they are executive from the New York Stock Exchange and trying Teo, bring back the former glory, even though now it’s like I think fifteen people who actually still work there, as opposed to the eight hundred used to be running around before. Interesting. I think it’ll probably do fairly well, I assume. With the New York Stock Exchange TD Ameritrade, Google and Goldman Sachs backing it, they’ll probably be very effective in being able to advertise this. The most interesting part is the twenty six trading Pears Ray Crypto Currency Exchange. Let the rumours begin as to exactly which coins they’re going to be allowing or actually have on their platform, have a fairly easy idea of the coins that are going to be listed on their first. But I mentioned before once again Ah, the coins that I think you’re going to do very well in the future are going to be coins that are not supported but are kind of backed. Not that back, too, but backed by these other companies any indication that we get from major names like this releasing an app where people will have potentially millions of people will have access to? I assume this is also especially from Goldman Sachs. I assume this was be integrated in some sort of way. I don’t Have you seen it? You definitely seen it before. Every bank has their own online banking access account, phone things. You could go into your account. They can advertise new things to you very, very easily, or tell you to download this one. You may get a what’s it called? Ah, bit of a discount. Or even, Hey, are you looking to buy? So when someone so looking to invest download this, I think this is the beginning of I think, what I was calling before, like the mainstream entrance into the crypto currency space there. They’re definitely looking for ways to be able to get the everyday average Joe into the Cryptocurrency space. But I think we won’t see a full rush like this until Bitcoin passes by the trillion dollar mark. We’ll definitely have a rush of people getting into the crypto currency markets without a doubt, but I think a lot of these things are going to launch in rapid succession after each other. Once Bitcoin is too expensive for the normal person to be able to afford, I mean Bitcoins already kind of up there for to be able to afford a full one, even a fraction of one. And that’s when the kind of crypto madness ends up starting. So yeah, as always, a very special thank you to my Patri On supporters, they are mechanic Anthony Charles, Nick Mongella Body Arthur Yakult. Minting coins, Jim Gardner, Jeremy the photographer. Tom sucks at basketball and Sam skips legged ape Texas Vlad the Impaler. Cody are if Dusty Richie, Rich of the third Nick Can I A. Setsuna Nicholas One Earth One piece. One Love, a crypto artist Cold. The three D Clarity. Snowden, Jeffrey Ramsey, Amy Star Sheen. Yeah, Shoddy Rai Rai singer songwriter Mike Savitz, Car Burton Off Mohair Maroni Crypto Joe Wise, Nite Owl, Jared Schneider L Dug Brady Neil Script owned Beer Shipmate Adobo Azzam MLS Ovary, Mike Ito, Kitchen Triple Lemon J. Two for two to the World Master Ventures in Thailand, Bank Roll Network. Damien Strange, Radio Central and Professor Wally from gun but una diversity. Thank you all an incredible amount for your support. At the moment, the market is nin weird. Bitcoin is up, which I found very surprising. I expected after this negative news that Bitcoin would not be up on that Bitcoin was probably going to go back down depending on where you look, people are saying that a break above ten thousand dollars which we have done were up we were was a nine thousand nine hundred ninety two for like, the entirety of yesterday that Bitcoin could people potentially positioning itself for a move above not only eleven thousand, maybe trying to push once again back to fourteen. I don’t feel like we have the momentum to get us back to fourteen at the moment. There’s nothing really major kind of driving up the prices. It seems like a normal Hey, let’s move things forward kind of thing. Ethereum is also up, but the Satoshi prices for a lot of coins or down, which could be indicative of exactly where all of this stuff is going to go. Ah, the weirdest part of today for me is that we consistently or rather we have been receiving a large amount of good news about X R p. But the price continues to go down. I’m tired of the comments. If you have your own comments about the or something negative to say about X R P. Please keep it to yourself like I really I’m tired of reading it. I’ve been reading it for the past two years. I don’t have the energy to even deal with the I tell myself that these people are just bots. I think it allows me to sleep easier at night because there’s no way that people can just You can’t be angry at a digital token that you didn’t create. You can’t touch it. You can’t be angry with it. It doesn’t make any sense. Is like you being angry with gravity or like being angry with the wind and you furiously punching the sky like you can’t touch it being angry with it. It’s very weird that X R P always continues to go down. It’s not even that the coin is crap is not a S H. I. T. Coin is not a blah, blah, blah like. We know that it’s being integrated, but the fact that the coins still goes down tells me that there’s an enormous amount of negativity around it and also it could just simply be not even selling pressure. I A lot of you weren’t here during two thousand seventeen, and I noticed something very quick. There was a point where X R P was worth less than half a cent per x r p and I was actually looking at the trading charts. Forgot which website I was on. And there were people as as x r p reached a dollar it like it was a dollar and, like one twenty million wth of ascent just reached a dollar. The amount of sell orders that activated for six hundred thousand Next Rp one point two million xar cause the price that start to cascade down. These people were so desperate to continue to push the price of x r p down as the price of X r p hit around a dollar and fifty cents Maur there was like twenty million extra p. There was so many people trying to desperately push down the price of X r. P ended up working out eventually. You know, if you have, you know this continued selling pressure as it hit, I think was like the high was it was a three sixty. I’m like that. Everyone has their own little metric as to exactly what price except we hit anyway, The point is, I s the light coin. I was trying to hit one hundred dollars, which apparently is the major number that people are trying to get, like coin to hit. Also very odd is that we are Was it four days away on the light coin having and the people were expecting the price of light coin to continue to go in saying it has not. It’s a little weird. I think nothing else is really spectacular at the moment. Tazo sis still up because the people from Corn based announce that they’re going to be, I think, is being integrated into coin based pro. I’m pretty sure was Tezo’s. I think they’re also doing a Tezo staking thing. Don’t hold me to that. But I remember reading that somewhere. Nothing else is really doing spectacularly at the moment. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed hope. You all are having a great day. A great morning. A great afternoon. A great evening. Wherever you are, wherever you might be hope it’s absolutely fantastic. This market is incredibly weird. If nothing else, every day in the Cryptocurrency space is entertaining. Put it to you that way. Even when prices are in red, even when prices aren’t moving, even when we get really good news and prices go down. Even when Bitcoin should probably be leased seventeen thousand eight hundred twenty four dollars in nineteen cents it still goes down certain days eyes where, especially in the news that we’ve had before, It’s fairly obvious that bears are trying their best. Be able to do something. Ah, the podcast I was listening to The guy was talking about there. He said that he said, There’s so many. There’s so much money behind this. People couldn’t even begin to fathom what’s happening, he said. They’re people who have positions opened on a website to sell a huge amount of Bitcoin, he said on the other website. They have buy orders for extremely low amount, so you pretty much just cut what you have in half sell a huge amount of it. But on the other website you have a buy order for extremely low amounts of these of these people are making millions millions, not not tens of thousands, millions of dollars every single day manipulating the market until they have had their fill and they’re extremely full. And they go, Okay, let the market do what it wants to do. And the market completely goes insane because these people have in millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin every single day as they pushed down the prices. It is fairly fascinating what you can do when you are when your pockets of fat when you when you’re full of money. I hope you all enjoyed hope you all are having a great day. A great morning, A great afternoon. A great evening, wherever you are, wherever you might be a do hope It’s absolutely fantastic. Yesterday Friday? Yes, it is. Happy Friday, everyone. I hope your work day goes by extremely quick. Um, if you don’t like your boss, try to go outside for a cigarette break. Go for a bathroom break till you really have to go in to stay in there for an hour playing a game. That’s terrible advice. Don’t let your boss know that I said that. Thank you all once again for watching and or listening. And I will most certainly be talking to you all soon. See you.

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