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so, huh? What’s going on, guys? It’s caged up here with another episode of Crypto Zombie. So today is Thursday. Hope you’re having an awesome day wherever you are. If we have a look at what’s going on today, you noticed that Bitcoin is doing well. Some of the other old coins are not doing quite well today, so we’re gonna actually discuss this. Why’re the old coins seeing red today? Why is Bitcoin seen green? And also I want to talk about this Facebook Libera coin one more time. I know this is like the third day straight We’ve been talking about it, but I’ve actually had some time to seriously think about it. And I think it’s actually a lot better for crypto. Then we might be leading on to now I’m gonna get into why, before you freak out, I’m not saying I’m gonna go out and just buy all the liber coin. Right? But I do want to talk about that. So if that sounds good to you, well, you know what to do. Also, if it’s your first time stopping by the Crypto Zombie channel and you haven’t got subscribed, what’re you waiting for? We do this every single day. Now let’s dive in. Let’s have a look. I’m gonna give this a quick refresh. Live. Now we have Bitcoin dominance going up. Fifty seven point four percent were also up a billion dollars. So this is interesting. You’re noticing Bitcoin up two percent. Ethereum up one percent. Finance up two point four nine percent. A lot of these other coins tend to be in the red today, though. Let’s look at the biggest gainers today we have made safe up sixteen percent agree Sha up yet again. Dent Nash Hyper cache hedge trained vest chain Clipper coin that is Clipper Coin and digit light All doing quite well today. Now let’s dive in. Have a look at Bitcoin, to be honest with you, Not much has changed since yesterday, So I’m gonna try to keep this video as quick as possible. But I really do suggest you stick around to the end because I really do want to dive into this whole Facebook crypto currency thing and really get to the bottom of just what the heck it is And what is gonna be expected when this does eventually get released. But we have a look right here. We’re still holding nice and strong right above this nine thousand seventy dollars level. You could see Bitcoin is just kind of going along sideways. So as long as we can stay above this, that’s very bullish. Short term, no reason to, you know, freak out or anything like that. We are still in this ascending, broadening wedge. Now, if you notice we are forming somewhat of a pennant, so we may be looking for a potential, you know, break out or break down within the next couple days. So I would definitely say by this weekend, we’re gonna probably have you know, a relatively big Bitcoin move might not be massive, but we could see a few percentage, maybe five percent. We might come up here and sort of touch this nine thousand eight hundred dollars level. We still do know that the ten K psychological level is probably the biggest level that we need to get out of pretty much soon, you know? And if we do go back the other way that I think we are gonna come down to this eight thousand five hundred dollars level only because that was where we had that massive jump with the CMI gap that was open. So, you know, gaps tend to get filled. The interesting thing, though, if we have a look at the chart is we noticed that the previous support that was holding us during this ascending triangle basically is now becoming our resistance right here. So obviously we need to break out of that now. You may argue right here, you know? Are we forming somewhat of, You know, this little channel right here? You know, Are we going to sort of, you know, stay sort of between these two lines as possible, But as you guys could see right here, this dotted line is really what we need to get above. We’ve spoken about this a lot on the channel. The significance of it, why it was so difficult to break above this point will go all the way back to twenty seventeen. I showed you guys yesterday. We have those two Darth Maul Wicks, right? A lot of people got liquidated on that day, but hopefully we’ll be able to break above that. But if we look at the very relatively short term like I said, we did have a breakout right here, which was around June thirteenth, all the way up to around nine thousand. I was like nine thousand, almost nine thousand four hundred. And since then we’ve been consolidating. So, like I said, possibly within the next two days, we could have a move. And if you are under the opinion that we should if you consider this to be Ah flagpole, ITT’s not really a flagpole. Technically, it’s just sort of going up nice. But if you wanted to just use that, I have seen some people say, you know, if we were to go up sort of in that same area, you know, you kind of put it here, then you know Bitcoin would be above ten thousand, would have a ten thousand five hundred dollars Bitcoin. Now, I’m not saying that’s gonna happen. We do know there is a lot of resistance at ten thousand dollars, but if we do break ten thousand dollars, well, that could definitely be good for Bitcoin short term. And you know, as Tyler Winklevoss said, if Bitcoin breaks ten k, you can bet it’s going to break fifteen K and probably twenty K and forty k as well, as Tom Lea was saying And of course, John McAfee has to chime in and say, Well, if Bitcoin breaks one hundred k, you can bet it will break a million. And then hopefully he will not have to eat his manhood live on television. You don’t know what I’m talking about. Just Google John McAfee Bitcoin bet. Okay, now, this is what I want to talk about before we move on, though. And I think this is probably the most incredible statistic today that I found out about. If we have a look at this chart right here, this is from Krypton Voices. And what’s interesting is this was actually taken when Bitcoin was only eight thousand nine hundred forty dollars. Well, it’s bigger than Russia’s monetary base, so that basically makes Bitcoin the eighth largest crypto currency in the world. And you guys, the price does keep climbing. So, you know, Long Storey short if you don’t count gold and silver. Bitcoin is now the eighth largest currency in the world. It actually comes in at nine place after, if you look at gold and silver, the two precious metals. But if you look at the Fiat Well, you could see where we’re at right now. So you might be asking yourself what is the significance of this? Well, if you look at the current market cap of Bitcoin around one hundred sixty four billion dollars, you could see some analysts. They’re already saying we’re going to see a forty k Bitcoin, which I do believe that’s very possible by the end of this year. It’s possible, actually, at the rate that we’re going. And considering that Bitcoins only been around for ten years pretty incredible. So you could see right now that Bitcoin is bigger already than the base money of Russia, South Korea, Brazil, Canada and Norway. So, obviously, with crypto currency adoption on the rise around the world, it’s probably not gonna be long before it catches up and overtakes thes others, like India, Switzerland, UK and, uh, yeah, guys potentially even, You know, our good old buddy, the United States. So we will keep our eyes on that moving forward now, before we move on, though, I just want talk about one quick thing, okay? And this is just a little bit of a safety precaution because I noticed that I have a lot of new subscribers on the channel. Stick with me. This is something I think is important for everyone. This is this is an article that was written and says how to lose eight thousand dollars worth of Bitcoin in fifteen minutes with Verizon and coin based. I’m not gonna go into this article, but this could happen to you, so please be safe. So basically, he got a message that said on the phone with Verizon, not you. Please call this number. Right? So that means somebody’s on the phone and they’re verifying that it’s him. He tried to call and Verizon was closed, obviously. So you could see he tries toe get a hold of him. He tweets out, it doesn’t work. And then right here eleven forty one Gmail signs out eleven forty two Coin based password resets eleven thirty four. Coin based. New Device Confirmation. Eleven. Forty four one point one eight Bitcoin said eleven forty five seventy point nine six light coin set and then eleven forty six sixteen point o three Teeth sent, which is obviously over eight thousand dollars. Now, he says, I used Google authentication before for my personal account for various work emails, but I stopped using it at a certain point, out of convenience. So basically, in a nutshell, this is what you need to be careful of, guys, because these guys can get your information. Okay, you need to get two factor authentication, first of all. And if you are considering leaving your money on an exchange, don’t that silly. But if you’re talking about coin based, he does suggest moving into the coin based vault because this will give you a buffer of a couple days before any of the money could be touched. So at least if somebody does get in, you could be able to intervene before that. He also says, Call your cell phone company and tell them that you are likely to be targeted for social engineering. Explained to them your situation. And finally, guys, for the last time, store your coins on a wallet, get a ledger Nano s or a ledger. Nano X. Guys, keep your coin safe. Okay, so I just wanted to just kind of public service announcement. This guy got eight thousand dollars of his money stolen and they were able to do this just simply by calling Verizon So please, please be safe out there, Guys, Ledger Nano s is you know that I do have referral links if you want to use him there in the description below. But I just want to tell you guys, please stay safe now The completely unavoidable topic of the past few days We have Libera crypto currency from Facebook. Now you’ve seen this picture right here. You got the Trojan horse coming in, all of the exchanges and you know, they have thie f a t f the sec, all these other things. Okay, so they’re basically saying that’s what’s hiding inside of the horse. So let’s dive in, Let’s have a look. And I thought that was actually kind of a really good example. Somebody was, like, perfect explanation of crypto currency, basically the way that most people are seeing this situation currently. So I just wanted to play this clip super fast just to kind of point out one thing. It really creates a crypto currency. It’s not. This is not that doesn’t excite me at all, is it? Is it Is it based on Blockchain at least crypto currencies? Actually, they say there’s no one here in value, but they’re creating in here in value from the block chain that allows you to, you know, although he’s totally confused, right? And I think this is how a lot of people feel. I think a lot of people are just like I don’t know what to think of this Facebook coin. I don’t know what to think of, Libera. So I wanted to take an opportunity. And I promise you guys, we’re not talking about labour every day on the channel, But I want to talk about it today because I just need Teo. What’s this? My recent post has breached the community guidelines. My lever wallet has been suspended for three days. Thanks for understanding. So this is just one of the posts you see floating around. And I think this is what people are afraid of. Okay? People are afraid of violating terms of services, right? Having their law of wallets locked, not being able to send their funds right. This is a concern. That is very understandable, considering the company behind the coin, right. Well, you have David Marcus, and you could see by scrolling over his name right here. He is the co creator of Libera, and he himself says many want to pit Lieber versus Bitcoin. In my mind, these two are not the same category. Bitcoin is a D correlated investment asset. Libre is designed to be a stable medium of exchange. I have been and remain a fan of Bitcoin, but for different purposes. And you guys could see I definitely retweeted that cause I like that and you know Safa deem a moose, he says. Libre is a payment network. The medium of exchange is whatever you use to back it. Bitcoin is itself a medium of exchange as it has value and a monetary role without being backed by anything. The other differences with labour are, and you guys can click here and read. He has a lot of other tweets here. He goes into it, but we’re gonna get into it in just a second. Now you could see over here researchers over at Mont Facts. Right now this is a UK based trading platform that’s on a mission to simplify the global financial system. That’s what they say, right? So they think that Facebook is making the right steps to transition into a financial services company. They go on to say that if Facebook does succeed, it could go on to become the world’s most powerful bank. Right? We said yesterday, I don’t really think it’s Bitcoin that you know is being threatened by Facebook. It’s most likely these banks, right, that are actually having the threat. So Mon Fax has a ringside seat into the developments in the crypto industry as it operates a trading platform that facilitates leverage trades while providing the tightest spreads and lowest commissions in the industry. Is that true? Do they have the lowest commissions? I’ll have to cheque that out. So anyway, if Facebook wasn’t, here’s an interesting statistic. If Facebook was a country, it would probably be the most populous country in the world. Based on latest numbers, social media giant has one point five six billion daily active users as of March thirty first. Now here’s an interesting thing. In contrast, China has a population of one point four two billion people, India’s population is one point three seven billion and the United States on ly three hundred twenty nine million. So the population of Facebook, if it were a country, is bigger than the biggest country. That’s number one to think about. So you have the Chinese. They have the yen. Indians have the rupee Every nation has its own legal tender. But the two point five billion registered users across Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp there’s no globally accepted currency for the transfer of value. So Mon fax analyst Alex Stop fell in the report, referenced above, observed that not a single Cryptocurrency is used for the daily transaction needs of billions of consumers. The demand for existing CRYPTOCURRENCIES come primarily from investors and traders, not from consumers. We also have a very difficult barrier to entry. One of the biggest things when I talk to people about Cryptocurrencies because I get asked about it all the time because of my channel. People know what I d’oh. It’s the barrier to entry. You know, people just don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up. You know, I gotta get a coin based account because once you’re in, it’s easy, right. Once you get into crypto, it’s so easy to just transfer that value around. But getting from Fiat into crypto, you know, even though for most people watching is probably no, you know, very easy for us, But for most people, it’s definitely a bit of a hurdle. Now, Eric Vorhees, you know you guys some, some some people have their, you know, discrepancies with, you know him because of everything would shape shift. Obviously, he’s just trying to be compliant. But he had a tweetstorm talking about his thoughts on Libra, and I actually have to say he made a lot of valid points. First of all, he says, the biggest companies in the world are now launching crypto currencies Boom! That should give some type of validity but scrolling down here. Obviously, this is way too much to go over. But I highlighted some of the key points, and he says that Lieber will serve the mass market and be the single largest bridge towards the centralised finance that has ever been built. Prior to this, the largest bridge was basically coined based, right? Hey, says Libra made the great decision to not back itself solely with us. D. This has profound implications. Labour can arguably become a medium term replacement. Tow any single government. Fiat currency Libre is arguably superior above the U. S. Government dollar. Now, before you guys, I think I’m just like putting lever up on a pedestal here, guys. I’m still all about Big Corn, trust me. But I’m gonna tell you in a minute why? I think that Bitcoin’s price is probably gonna go through the damn roof once this gets implemented and hear me out. But let’s keep entertaining Eric for a second here, finally, and let’s not minimise this one. Liberal has a good chance of helping hundreds of millions of people avoid middlemen fees and increase their wealth and financial sovereignty relative to the status quo banking system. Humanitarians rejoice. Now he does say there are a few bad sides. The first one being liberal is obviously not a pure Cryptocurrency. Nobody really should expect any type of privacy. Obviously, it’s K Y C. They’re going to know everything that you do with this damn token. Right? So that’s something to point out our coin. I guess it’s got its own Blockchain. The governing consortium can explicitly block or prevent transactions. You won’t find unstoppable finance here. So again, you know traditional kryptos are far superior and over the long term, any crypto currency based on Fiat will fail relative to hard assets versus Bitcoin and gold. We know Fiat. Currencies suck their horrible. They all fail. Eventually, there’s no crypto currencies that I mean, there’s no Fiat currencies that have survived. If you look through history, they’ve all failed. And I know what you’re saying. Oh, the US dollar, right? Well, I mean, guys, like, literally, we got our independence in seventeen. Seventy six, right? So that’s like, I mean, we haven’t been a country that long, you know, You gotta think about, you know, gold being around for five thousand years, right? So that’s just something to point out. And he also says that Labour may also become the whipping boy of crypto currency as the politicians of the world will get a rate at having their Fiat supremacy challenge anything that causes normal people to consider new forms of money. Though he says on the bright side, apart from there, default position of the nation, My currency is a good thing. He says. Labour will crack open further global discussion about what money is and that sunshine will hurt Fiat and help all sound money. So, you know, originally we were looking at this, but maybe we should be looking at this. Maybe what’s actually hiding inside of the Trojan is actually Bitcoin. And this is Facebook Libera, so it could potentially be a gift. Now I’m gonna elaborate. And here’s my reason. So if you consider this right now and if you consider the concept of Facebook being its own, you know, country or whatever, but don’t even look at it as a country. Just look at how many people are on Facebook. I forget two point five billion. It was right. So I was just thinking to myself, you know, I’ve travelled. I’ve gone to different places, right? I had to go to Cuba. And you know, we’ve gone toe like Scotland and all these different places and whatever you goto like different countries. You have to train. You have to convert your fiat, right? You have to get their dollars. That’s what you’re gonna pay with. Well, number one, you always lose tremendous amounts of value in that I mean, I lost ten percent just on the transaction to when I switched over to Cuban Peso’s. So that was ridiculous. The other thing I’m trying to think to myself is now imagine all the people on Facebook how many times have you gone on vacation to just pick a place, Just pick a country pick any place you’ve gone on vacation too, For the most part, do those people in that country not have Facebook? I mean, do you really ever go anywhere and in a, you know, establish sort of first world country type place? Do they not have Facebook? And even in second World countries and Third World countries, people have Facebook, right? So the interesting thing is, imagine just going to another country loading up with your libera tokens, right? I don’t have to deal with, you know, the the exchange, and I just go right to somebody. Boom. I’m sure they’re gonna put some kind of a cure reader in it. And now we actually have I kind of need to say it. Aah! One world currency. So I do think what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna have all these people that already have Facebook. They already have their banks and credit cards and everything connected. All they have to do is simply by Lieber tokens. They don’t have to set up coin based accounts. They don’t have to do. Okay. Y c. Facebook already knows who you are. Let’s be real here, Right? So I think that that’s gonna open up the floodgates. And then what I think is gonna happen here me out is now. All these people are gonna have these libera coins, right? And give me looking at OK, great. I got some Lieber. Awesome. Bitcoin keeps going up. Bitcoin keeps going up, right? And now they’re gonna have that really easy access. Imagine exchanges, Listing lever. Imagine labour trading pears. Right? So if anything, I think the guys that tether might want to be scared more than you know Bitcoins so just wanted to point that out. Moving forward. And also, one more thing. I think Brian Kelly summed it up the best, and I’m just gonna let him explain it. And to me, that’s the revolution of crypto is that it is peer to peer. You disinter mediate financial services. This keeps the existing system. This does away with it and that’s the difference. And that’s the difference. So no Libre is not a threat to Bitcoin. In fact, I think Lieber could potentially skyrocket. Bitcoin is gonna open the gates to two point five billion people that have never had an opportunity to buy Bitcoin before but do have a Facebook account and could easily transfer their funds to buy some Libera coins. Right? So that is what I want to point out. Also, just to kind of break this down. If we go over here, I’m gonna cover Brian’s face. You know, just considering that we have twenty one million Bitcoin, let’s just entertain this fact really quick. So twenty one million Bitcoin we know that they’re really isn’t going to be twenty one because there’s four million potentially lost forever. Plus, we don’t even have all of them yet, but let’s just entertain it. Twenty one million, right? Two point five billion people. It was on Facebook, so I wanted to do here. So if we have twenty one million Bitcoin and we divide that by two point five billion people on Facebook, right, Just tio, you know, have some fun with the numbers. That would mean that each one of those people, if they were all to try to buy some Bitcoin right now, there would only be point zero zero eight for Bitcoin available for everyone on Facebook. So I think that kind of breaks, it’s down the scarcity of Bitcoin and hopefully that puts into perspective that this isn’t gonna hurt Bitcoin whatsoever. In fact, it’s on Lee going to create more validation for Bitcoin in the long run. So I just wanted to basically make that point moving forward now. Also, the interesting thing was, you heard Russia coming out saying that they weren’t gonna entertain the Libera coin. Now we’ll see if they are. They may change their stance on it. But in statements to the Russian press, you had the head of Central Bank of Russia Alvira, probably to say her name wrong. Not not not, let’s just say Elvira. She praised the technology behind Cryptocurrency putting crypto versus Fiat debate on the table, saying it will be more convenient. It is Elektronik money for people, for citizens. Are we ready as a society to refuse cash? I think so. Why not? So she goes on to say. Indeed, the central bank digital currency cannot be realised immediately. However, many central banks, including the Russian Central Bank, are exploring this possibility. If we’re talking about the national currency which works as a hole in the country, that is, these are not private assets. Of course, this is requires that the technology allows ensuring reliability and continuity. Technologies must be mature, including distributed registry technologies. And if that’s not enough to make you guys believe that we’re definitely going towards a cashless society. Well attending fortunes brainstorm Finance Conference You have the CEO of Bank of America, Brian Moynihan revealed his stands on the current developments in the field of finance, and according to him, the banking industry in general will continue to head towards digital and tech enabled models. The main reason for this is because they are more efficient and obviously cheaper. Hey, if these guys can save some money, right, what we printed all these bills for that costs us money guys. He pointed out that there’s more than half of all the money transactions happening right now that are basically happening on Elektronik systems like PayPal or other digital wallets as well. People are using Venmo, right, he says. We want a cashless society. We have more to gain than anybody from just simply pure operating costs. So you guys can see where this is going. Even these guys want to go towards a cashless society and as Faras Libra is concerned No, I do not think Bitcoin will be affected. I think it will directly affect stable currencies and the banks and maybe some of these other speculative crypto assets as well. Right. Okay, so that is basically what I wanted to say moving forward. I do have one announcement from VID, So basically our v i d. Excuse me. So M Speck is a global leader, an inspection in the oil and gas sector with over two hundred operational sites worldwide and is one of the fastest growing players in the industry. And they have recently partnered with them and Speck produces over fifty thousand inspection reports each month for most of the majority petroleum refiners and traders, so to ensure report remains authentic and speck will be one of the very few companies in its sector to sensibly apply state of the art Blockchain technology. So from now on, the V i d block chain tech will protect the ants back values against falsified reports. Any report can now be verified whether it’s an original or a copy. Great use for a Blockchain I stand behind you guys also I know crazy that Quadriga. CX is still in the news. Apparently, the CEO traded millions and fake funds to fund a luxury lifestyle. It says The exchange, whose founder died with most of its users funds, was allegedly involved in a vast Ponzi scheme involving fake funds and luxury yachts. And apparently he spent all of it. Hey, lost a lot of margin trading so you could see Evan Thomas. He did a very large thing up here. This is a little bit of an older storey, but I do know it affects a lot of people out there. And if there is some closure, that sort of needs to be made on the subject. Unfortunately, I think those funds are gone, but this has been recently brought out to the light. So if you’re interested, definitely cheque that out. But let’s end on a good note, guys. What Warsaw based bank earlier has announced that it will be using the public Ethereum Blockchain to verify official documents. Aaliyah is only the second bank in the world to use a theory. Aum’s public Blockchain, after investment bank associate general, issued a one hundred twelve million dollars bond on the Net in April that being said It is Thursday. Guys, we’re one step closer to the weekend. Don’t forget, we do give away ledger. Nano s is every single Monday. You know what to do. Just drop a comment on any video throughout the course of the week. Thank you so much to everyone that keeps coming back and supporting the channel. I really appreciate it. Definitely Could’ve got Could not have gotten through the bear market without you guys. And now that things have turned around, I’m I’m happy to still be here by your side. And I can’t wait to become a jillion Ares. But the rest of you, as we hoddle this amazing crypto currency that is Bitcoin Thank you so much. Once again, I do appreciate everyone that’s been supporting the channel by using the links below. Obviously, if you’re tired of all these ads on the videos, download brave browser. Totally free ad free experience. Right? And you do get five dollars worth of basic attention tokens. If you do use the link, that’s it for me today, guys. Thank you so much. I really do freaking love you. You’re awesome. My name is Kay Dub this script a zombie until next time, stay crypto on peace

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