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off right. Welcome back, everybody to alter coin daily where you subscribe for a video on the crypto currency market every day. My name is Austin and, like always, let’s get to the top storeys making news in our crypto industry today, starting with South Korea has officially opened up its doors to bring in the Bitcoin bulls. South Korea declares a partial regulation free zone for crypto companies. Cheque this out. Hassan has been declared a regulation free zone for Blockchain development by South Korea’s national government, a move long expected but now formalised as part of a larger liberation push. So South Korea is saying, Yes, if you’re involved in Cryptocurrency or Blockchain, we want you to come to us and develop in South Korea. We want to be part of this larger liberation push for this new tack. Zuger, Switzerland, is said to be one of the models for the zone. If this piece of news sounds familiar at all, it’s because they actually announced that they were gonna do this on July twenty fourth. This channel covered it, and oftentimes, when you see these announcements that they’re going to do something, you never really know if this announcement will ever come to fruition. Well, as of today, this is happening. And if you’re asking well, what regulations are they? Are they freeing up what’s really changing in South Korea? A total of eleven regulations have been lifted for the project. It is expected that investors will move twenty nine point nine billion Juan equivalent to twenty five million dollars into the region in the next two years by twenty twenty one. And development will be spread between the Moo Hyon Innovation District, Thesent Um, Innovation District and the Dong Som Innovation District. So this is I mean, this is a big deal for South Korea. It’s funny t to see in real time how these smaller countries are acting compared to the bigger countries like the US or China or Russia, because the US, for example, fears that its position as a world power will be degraded if they accept Cryptocurrency. And on the other hand, South Korea is using their new position on Cryptocurrency companies to further their position. To become more of a power in the world is the U. S. And trouble. Is this the game theory that Anthony Papa Liana was talking about. The important part is that the countries that embrace this first are going to have a significant advancement for the game theory Is that some countries going to embrace us in a very, very serious way, Whether it’s China, Russia, the United States, somewhere in Europe or South America, somebody’s going to do it in the first countries that does it. For the first couple, the advantage becomes, what? Because you can’t stop it right? And so the second that a country starts to adopt it, every other country’s gonna end up playing catch up. If you have an opinion, let me know down below in the comments. But next piece of news Grace Scales two point seven billion dollars in crypto assets will now be held by Queen based Custody. This was just announced on Friday. And if you don’t know, Grace scales a trust for institutional investors as well as retail investors to get exposure and invest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency assets, and I guess their custody is now going to coin base. Grayscale Investments has tapped coin based custody to serve as the new security provider for its digital asset holdings, the company announced Friday. The custodian. I’II Coin Base, which Coin based CEO Brian Armstrong says already holds one billion dollars in assets, will act as a custodian for grey scales single asset and divert and diversified investment products. So Coin based custody is now gonna offer custody to what grayscale holds, which is a Bitcoin between cash Ethereum, Ethereum, Classic light coin. Stellar lumens X, Our pian Z cash coin based cost of you also intends to hold Grey Scales Horizon Zen token pending regulatory approval to support the asset. All right, so I mean, there’s two schools of thought here. One is should coin base a centralised entity be in charge of so much Bitcoin so much Cryptocurrency under one roof. I mean, I’m not I’m not an institution, but me personally, I believe not your keys, not your coins. I want to hold my Bitcoin so nobody else is in charge of that. But on the other hand, coin bases legal. It’s regulated, and they’re doing exactly what they were designed to. D’oh! How regulated Coin based custody is regulated through the New York Department of Financial Services and is a regulated fiduciary under New York’s banking law. In a statement, coin based custody CEO Sam M. Explained that the business is held to the same fiduciary standards as national banks. We also offer some of the broadest and deepest insurance coverage in the crypto industry, so they’re safer than a whole lot of other places. But again, let me know what you think down in the comments, whatever your opinion is, coin base is one hundred percent setting themselves up to be a major player for crypto currency in the next five to ten years. All right, I want to give you guys a little bit of a Bitcoin crypto currency market update before we do that. Some news on Craig right? Craig right to pay seventy three thousand dollars in legal fees for losing a libel claim against Roger, their self proclaimed Bitcoin investor, Craig Wright, has lost one of the several libel suits that he filed against members of the crypto community, whom he claimed damaged his reputation by labelling him a fraud. So he wasn’t able to prove in any legal way that, in fact he wasn’t a fraud. Court said, No, you you have to pay. You can prove that you’re not on the issue of reputation Judge Nickel and stated that lawyers representing Craig Wright could not provide a never enough evidence toe back the global reputation he enjoys and more particularly, the extent to which it has been damaged now. Obviously, he could have avoided all fees if he could just prove that he Issa’s Toshi and signed that original Genesis block. But he couldn’t. And make no mistake, seventy three thousand is nothing to this Bitcoin multi millionaire. But it’s one of many, and this just shows that even on these still has many, many more lawsuits pending. And this was one of the smaller ones, and he couldn’t even proved that he was right in the smaller ones. But as we get more information, you know what I’ll keep you updated next piece of news from bit wise, bit wise just released a letter to their investors saying that Facebook’s Libera has moved Bitcoin Cryptocurrency adoption ahead by three years. Cheque this out and you know what this is? The implications of Facebook’s Libera is nothing that this channel has not brought you in the last two three weeks. I mean, I’ve showed you clips of Anthony Papa Liano talking about how yes, Facebook’s labour is bullish for Bitcoin, so this is nothing that you don’t know. But the reason that I want to bring this to you today is just because this letter went out to the investors on an investor level. So cheque this out. United States based Cryptocurrency Index fund provider bit wise, declare that Facebook’s Libera stable coin accelerated Bitcoins progress by three years in a letter to investors published on the website on August first in the letter. But Wise is global head of research Matt Hogan said on behalf of the company. Thanks to Facebook’s of Labour and Congress, we have just fast forward it two to three years into kryptos future. Accelerating all the conversations debates mainstream discussions into the present day. And yes, Cryptocurrency in general is being scrutinised right now on a government level. But even this scrutiny and attention will be good for crypt on the long term. It will give investors the assurance that regulators are involved and we’ll clarify guideline and will clarify guidelines under which the mature version of crypto can develop. Maybe this is the reason that we saw Bitcoin the price of Bitcoin almost touch eleven thousand dollars yesterday. Team. That’s all I got today. That’s the end of the video. If you got any value, give it alike. Subscribe to the channel. We drop a video every single day. You do not wanna miss one. And like always, I’ll see you tomorrow for those that do want to stick around. Let’s just do a little bit of an update for you. At one point yesterday, Bitcoin was over ten thousand eight hundred, close to breaking the eleven k resistance. Seems we are correcting a little bit right now at ten thousand six hundred twenty six dollars. And of course, big coin dominance continues to rise. The coins down about one and a half percent right now. Everything else down anywhere from two to four except each other around zero. All right, And last, but not least, just a little updates on us guys. Ever since that Tron event that we flew us to Aaron and I had a blast doing little man on the street interviews with other people. And while we don’t necessarily plan on attending another Cryptocurrency event, unless we’re invited, then we definitely consider and probably go. We are eyeing some local ones near us. I don’t know if we’re gonna go to this yet. It’s October thirteen through eighteenth Los Angeles Blockchain weak and specifically crypto invest Summit. But it is local. And on their website, we did apply to the media Let us in for free, which they will be cool. Uh, we’re gonna try and do some more man on the street type stuff with them. Let me know if you guys are attending and if you know who’s in charge of hooking us up His media, no down below in the comments last thing Coin mine, which is a little device where you can mind crypto currency at home. They sent me a coin mine, so it’s not gonna be a paid review, but I’ve hooked it up. I’ve started like mining Seto. She’s in my living room, So I’m gonna do or view on those on this again it’s not going to be paid. I’m just going to be very honest, cause my I guess my mindset has always been Well, why would you invest in this? I just buy big point, right? Bitcoin’s gonna appreciate so you don’t need to buy these contraptions. But that being said this is backed by Anthony Pompey Yano and backed by Coin based. So it’s definitely legit compared to other things in the business. So I’m just gonna I’m gonna make a video about four to six weeks. Just being very honest on if invested in one of these is worth it. So just f Y. I expect that in a few weeks if you have a different piece of hardware that you really liketo, I know if it’s worth it or not, leave a comment. I definitely like to vet it on this channel and see. But again, you got to make your own decisions and that’s it. See you tomorrow.

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